Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My beautiful girlfriend Stephanie and I.  We tend to goof off.  
     My name is Mikey Sanchez and I want to live life in the most literal sense possible.  I want to cross rivers and explore the world.  I want to live deliberately and make the most out of my precious seconds on Earth.  My favorite quote, which literally changed my life, is that "Life is inherently dangerous.  The biggest danger, which you should avoid at o all costs, is that of doing nothing."  Right now I live two lives; that of a very busy, stressed college student who wants to do nothing but succeed and the life I want to live, in which I wake up each day pondering what my next adventure shall be.
     We as a society get so obsessed with trivial matters that we tend to forget the important things in life.  We rush so fast that we ignore the beauty of nature, the obligations we have to our families and most importantly enjoying ourselves.  Life is a blessing and should be fun!  This blog shall serve as my therapeutic relief and serve as a reminder to not take things so seriously.
     I will be the first to admit that I am not the most frequent blogger as I am still a full-time student on campus, work a job and am a part of five clubs on campus.  I do promise, however, to post whenever I do get the free time.
 My advice to however reads my blog is this:  Life life as an adventure and you shall never be bored again.